My best friend Troy Ibarra and I created a club this past year through our school, Mira Costa High School, to raise money for the charity: water organization. We first learned about charity: water from one of their angel investors visiting our school and also from a family friend of mine who worked for the organization. Along with our desire to start a club at school, once we discovered charity: water, we knew we wanted to be part of their mission by sponsoring their cause. The organization brings clean drinking water to those who are in desperate need of it all over the world. What is inspiring about their model, 100% of funds raised goes directly to building wells in developing countries. With additional help from a group of friends of ours, our growing team hoped to raise enough money to build a well in a third world country within the charity: water’s sphere of influence. 

To date, charity: water has helped over three million people receive clean drinking water, and over $90 million has been raised by charity: water with 100% of the funds going directly to help bring clean water to underprivileged nations.  The clean water not only means that less people die of water born illnesses, but, that women and children can stop walking hours every day to collect dirty water. Rather, they can use that time to start investing in a proper education or start a business.  Just $20 can bring one person clean drinking water for life.


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As for the Mira Costa charity: water club, this past year was a bit challenging. Due to teacher pay negotiations taking place at the school, any and all clubs were not allowed to meet in teacher’s classrooms, which posed quite a problem for us when planning events and mobilizing people. But, that didn’t stop us. Through utilizing social media and leveraging word of mouth, we were able to get together and raise money. So far, our team has held two successful fundraisers, which allowed us to raise nearly $500. This will help bring clean drinking water to 25 people for life. We have many more ideas for future fundraisers, such as: water walks, bake sales and other large scale events to raise money throughout the new school year. We are currently in the process of planning a pier-to-pier walk from Manhattan Beach to Hermosa Beach while holding jerry cans and water jugs. This will hopefully bring greater awareness to the South Bay in California. To learn more about our club, get involved or donate, you can visit our charity: water website.

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