In a recent TIME Magazine cover article titled “Millennials: The Me Me Me Generation”, the author, Joel, describes our generation with statistics proving that we are narcissistic, entitled, over influenced by our peers (not our elders), lack of empathy and understanding due to decreased face-to-face interaction, and are hiding behind social media. He also added some more positive observations that we know what we want, aren’t extremely rebellious and are nice people, but one specific statement stood out and bothered me:

“They are informed but inactive: they hate Joseph Kony but aren’t going to do anything about Joseph Kony.”

I hope this bothers you too, as I know many reading this is actively doing something about injustice and crimes we are aware of in today’s society. With that said though, the numbers about our overall generation don’t lie, but my personal belief in our generation is also  something that was not mentioned: resilient.

Now that you know that we have clearly been called out, we have a choice. A choice to change statistics and respond to facts that can be easily changed by taking action to make a difference, help others, and change the world.

Follow-up: We started talking about this a few weeks ago when our Editor-in-Chief published the article “The Why Behind Conscious Magazine.”