We’re so thankful to you for being our supporter. Because of your commitment and support, we are in the position to continue to grow and create an even larger global impact in the coming year.

It has been such an exciting time for us to release two print issues focusing on the conscious culture of New York City and Los Angeles. Through that process we have met some of the most incredible and hard-working people, and we’ve worked with amazing photographers and writers who set out to make a difference with their talents and skills.

By this time of year, we would be rolling out our next print issue, but we have found that we needed to shift our focus to others projects during this time to be able to create larger impact within our communities during the 2014 Fall / Winter season. This wasn’t a decision we made lightly, but we found that in order to continue to accomplish our mission on a global scale it was something we currently had to do. Even though we are still committed to giving a voice to people and organizations that have powerful, important stories to tell, we are pursuing a project that will allow us to help shape the future of media by working with the next generation of storytellers and journalists. More information on this will come to light shortly, and we cannot wait to share this exciting new venture with you!

Lastly, please don’t worry because we’ll be picking up right where we left off in the spring as we’re committed to media that makes a difference, but we need your support so that we can go into 2015 stronger than ever.

We’re looking for supporters who believe in our magazine, as it is for people who believe in the power of positive media, who believe that one voice can make a difference. Conscious tells inspiring stories about culture, people and community that are making an impact, both locally and globally. Conscious provides a platform for education, awareness and action to drive positive change. Please join us by supporting Conscious 2015 with your pre-order of the Spring / Summer edition, $10.

We’re going to provide more information on our upcoming projects in early 2015, so stay tuned via our weekly Newsletters, get inspired with our Conscious Daily’s, connect with us at events, and read and share our real stories with real impact.


Help us move into 2015 stronger than ever. 

Community is Everything To Us – Yours Truly,
Jon, Elena, Sarah, Rachael, and Garfield