EDUN is more than a brand; it is a fair trade fashion house on a journey to transform Africa by encouraging production and trade and by building self-sufficient communities. In 2005, U2 rockstar, Bono, and his wife, Ali Hewson, founded EDUN to create a socially responsible clothing brand with a commitment to developing nations in Africa. Today, EDUN has evolved into a vehicle that brings positive change to Africa.

Many African nations lack the infrastructure, resources, skill, and access to international markets that are needed for a thriving industry. Bono saw this problem and established CCIU, the Conservation Cotton Initiative Uganda. CCIU serves civil war ravaged Northern Uganda to change lives by providing economic opportunity through education, water, and work to communities in Africa. It is a big dream that is shaping the poorest regions of Africa in a big way.

Staff from Invisible Children implements CCIU’s social programs in northern Uganda and trains local farmers how to grow cotton, cash crops, and rotate crops, as well as provide them water holes and educational programs about literacy, savings, and loans. Over 8,000 farmers have enrolled with CCIU to be a part of the 2012/2013 growing season, which will provide the materials to continue EDUN’s fashion over the next several seasons. By 2013, EDUN will produce 40% of all clothing either in Kenya, Uganda, Tunisia, Madagascar, or Morocco. Currently, 100% of EDUN’s tee shirt line, EDUN LIVE, is produced in Uganda.

Bono’s international passion is obvious. It is no surprise to find that the inspiration for EDUN’s Fall 2012’s collection is drawn from the idea of a “global quilt.” This means African tradition is infused with signature details from other nations, like a comfortable Scottish plaid or edgy or European straight-legged pants, while African zigzags and natural fibers keep the brand firmly tied to its roots. The Crochet Sisters is a community of nuns in Nairobi who help EDUN create and build the signature woven and crocheted dresses and sweaters. Every season, EDUN sends the sisters’ patterns and inspiration, and the sisters create the striking but relaxed looks we have come to know and love.

This season, textured fabrics of organic cotton and tencel (material made from wood pulp), silk, satin, tailored wool, faded denim, twill, and leather-all in deep and neutral hues-will give an uncommon flare to everyday pieces and will mark the Fall 2012 collection.