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Occupational environments should be dynamic, hospitable and engaging since the workforce comprises the operational core of any company and is critical for its success. Contrary to popular belief or what many large corporations like to claim, diversity in the workplace is still seriously lacking.

Why is this? Well, it’s due to a combination of factors. First, recruiters often set unattainable standards (for the majority of people) by making judgments based on names, seeking certain age brackets, and focusing heavily on Ivy League alumni. This attitude tends to supply a limited and niche pool of candidates. Second is the inclination to hire individuals similar to those who are already present in the workforce. The belief here is that sticking with what’s known is a safe bet, thus guaranteeing the team will perform at least on the same level of success. More often than not, recruiters are making these decisions subconsciously. But even though such people aren’t racist or sexist per se, the unconscious bias can creep in at any time, not allowing the individual to think differently or take chances. This ultimately results in recruiters being unaware of the walls that are blocking them from being open-minded.

Since diversity is financially rewarding, it’s important to ask yourself how you can attract it. A beneficial option is to outsource the task to a hiring firm that specializes in diverse recruiting. HireTalent, a Manhattan-based agency, is one such organization. They are acutely aware that the most efficient way to bring fresh ideas and new concepts into an organization is by creating a heterogeneous workforce. When building the company, HireTalent not only sought after a diverse staff but one that varied regarding ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, and socioeconomic standing. This undertaking stops those who would otherwise be indulging in groupthink and ensures that the most qualified personnel are being appointed. By using a company of this sort, you’re letting experts in heterogeneity identify the departments that can be improved. This is a surefire way to find the best people when considering all those qualified applicants your staffers may otherwise inadvertently ignore.

But what if your company can’t afford this option? Then you’ll need to rebuild from within. As Ashish Kaushal, founder of HireTalent, said, “unless a business is educated in diverse hiring, it can be challenging to overcome” the deeply rooted obstacles. People need to be retrained in what to look for and in how to identify their own misconceptions. Being Indian American, Kaushal himself founded the firm based on the understanding that by “urging for enlarged inclusion in hiring, we will reduce inequality in our communities, and [in] the world.”

Increasing diversity is vital to gaining access to the full potential of the future economy.

We must adapt to a multicultural workforce in our ever-changing marketplace in order to thrive. Effective recruiting reinvents productivity and changes perspectives, which empowers individuals to make an impact on not only their own careers but the company as a whole.

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