Rachel Schwartzmann, Founder of The Style Line, is bringing storytelling with style back to the web. "Inspired by the idea of  transit, The Style Line is a resource built on movement and exploration" and so naturally we asked Rachel (who runs around NYC all day / everyday discovering the most incredible local stories) to take a moment to tell us about her favorite conscious discoveries in New York City.

StyleFeature2Reformation is the epitome of a cool and what's even cooler is their mission to create a contemporary lifestyle brand, quality clothing and do right by the environment.

Through their exceptional branding they have been able to show that you don't have to compromise style to shop and dress consciously.They have also done an amazing job utilizing social media as a vehicle to raise awareness about the fashion and manufacturing industry and why one should #jointhereformation


Van Leeuwen
Sustainability touches on so many aspects of our lives and for me, a lot of that has to do with maintaining a healthy physical lifestyle. So in addition to revamping my wardrobe to include more sustainable/locally-made clothing brands, in the past year I've also really tried to make a conscious effort about what I'm putting in my body… Let me tell you as a carb-a-holic, it's difficult! Luckily, I discovered vegan ice cream company Van Leeuwen and applaud their efforts for creating a sweet treat that's even sweeter for your health, thanks to their inclusion of strictly-organic ingredients. Yum.


Moleskine is a company that has really been able to sustain the art of writing by hand and celebrate it's roots. But by the same token, they have continued to move forward and forge some really innovative initiatives (check out some of their social responsibility programs). 
In a world over-encumbered by digital restrictions, like how much battery charge you have left, or maintaining WiFi connection, it's sometimes nice to simply pick up a pen and scribble! The notebooks themselves are also made with acid-free paper and are FSC-certified.

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