Image: This Bar Saves Lives

It’s October 21 and there have been lots of great things going on from our Conscious community.

Last week we hung out with The Style Line for a #FEEDSupper in NYC to help support FEEDProject’s mission to provide 1 million meals to families in need. FEEDProjects met their goal! In LA, our friends from This Bar Saves Lives hosted “This Party Saves Lives”  and for every guest that attended, they donated Plumpy’Nut to help save the life of one child in need. The recently launched Dreamland NYC put together this awesome video as they kicked off Dreamland Dinners. Tonight, we’re off to the PinkBash to support The American Cancer Society [join us], and this Friday we’re headed to Fordham’s Women in Business Conference with 200 copies of Conscious LA! Lastly, our Editors are the newest Tastemakers on Orange Harp based in San Francisco – take a look.

WHAT’S NEXT?  We’re excited to announce that A Boy Named Sue is joining Conscious as an Editorial Collaborator to talk about sustainability and what designers are doing in Asia, America, Europe, and more.

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