Mental health to fitness innovation, technology to cognitive development, community advocacy and more—discovering the great strides business professionals and impact leaders are taking amid COVID-19.

This month we hosted our first-ever Coming Together event, purposed to bring together the community to support ideas, build connections, and even help combat COVID-19 uncertainties. Joined by ten individuals, we discussed everything from mental health to fitness innovation, technology to cognitive development, community advocacy, and more.

As Dan, founder of Kinetic Training, shared, we all need to find a way to move. Diana, a financial professional, stated, we’re all going through different storms, and we need to become artists, be creative, and focus on innovating our way through these unprecedented times. And as Jim, software developer, said, this is a time to think about your life, and perhaps rediscover who you are as we face a new normal.

Each person in the room (well, zoom) had a strong impact on the conversation due to their admirable work. Some of the individuals introduced their contribution from cognitive development to community advocacy. For example, Eye On Ball, Inc, with vector ball training, helps individuals process mental information more successfully. While their cognitive development techniques currently serve athletes, this is a form of exercise beneficial to anyone. They have even supported individuals with autism.

Community advocacy leader also shared about the challenges facing the Philadelphia community, which has some of the highest illiteracy and poverty rates nationwide. This leader is looking to work towards empowering people and uniting people in more disadvantaged income areas, to show people that they are seen and heard.

Amid a pandemic, we learned of the great strides business professionals, and impact leaders are taking while committed to innovation as we face COVID-19 challenges.

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