Happy Spring, everyone!

Only a few months into the year, and it has started with some incredible inspiration from our California visit and 2-day Conscious Shop. This year, Conscious has begun to take steps to continue to change the conversation globally.

Our distribution has officially begun in 2014, and it has not been limited to reside within the United States. Throughout 2014, we have been searching and approaching stockist locations. This list has recently grown to include an international reach with boutiques in Switzerland and Hong Kong interested in sharing our magazines with their readers. It is encouraging to see how the world desires to inspire and seek change through sharing our stories. If you have any recommendations of where you’d like to see our magazine sold, then please send us a note at info@consciousshop.co with that information.

At Conscious, we also have a mission to raise up the next generation of storytellers. To accomplish this, we have partnered with Magazine Literacy to donate issues of our inaugural New York City issue to Rocking The Boat. We were looking for months to locate an organization that would be able to use our publication to truly help shape our future generations, and Magazine Literacy has proven to do that with 20 years of putting magazines into the hands, homes, and hearts of children and families wanting to learn and loving to read. They connected us with Rocking The Boat, which is an organization empowering young people challenged by severe economic, educational, and social conditions to develop the self-confidence, to set ambitious goals, and gain the skills necessary to achieve them. We feel extremely blessed to be able to work with these organizations to continue to make a difference.

To be released in early June, our second issue of Conscious will be released: the LA issue. We chose LA because Hollywood has enamored us with films, television, recorded music, and more, but there was something else going. We discovered a rich culture of giving. The West Coast captured our attention with the use of their various industry talents to make a difference in local and global communities.

So, how can you get involved with Conscious? We are always looking for individuals to join us by submitting their own photography or writing. We desire to allow you to share your talent or voice through these avenues to inspire and help others.

With many more opportunities coming up through our community, I would invite you to join the conversation and spring into action this year!