Photo by Maura Griesse

When it comes to ethical fashion, there are many different facets to look for. Ethical fashion constitutes many sectors of the fashion supply chain. A few of them being from the type of fabrics designers buy, to pollution and chemicals. From whether the consumer chooses to wear vegan fashion, or dress in animal fur/skin/synthetic fibers, etc. From the type of image and target customer a designer chooses to portray, to which factories the designers/brands are manufacturing their product.

What should be considered as top concern, but is generally overlooked is the unethical treatment of labor workers that produce our clothing. This kind of exploitation is creating an atrocity when it comes to harvesting the fibers, to chemical dye plants, to artisanal labor, etc. Everyone in the supply chain is being affected. Underdeveloped countries are being used and mistreated all over the world. No matter where the production, you will find companies that are exploiting their workers.

Being a socially responsible brand requires specific methods of production. This includes:

  • Workers to be paid efficiently
  • A suitable work environment
  • Proper treatment at work
  • Fair work schedule

On top of that, they should be given additional rewards and opportunities that develop and support their overall life.

Here are 5 Reasons why we should buy ethical fashion:

01 | Shopping For Ethical Fashion Is A Fun Challenge
It lessens control of dominating, cheap fashion surplus production. The consumer decides what she/he wants to buy. We can congregate towards companies that are facilitating this ethical mission. We can shop at thrift stores to protest against the retailers that don’t enforce social responsibility within their supply chain.

The loss of sales for exploitative companies will be obliged to address drop of sales, potentially changing their manufacturing. It’s always fun to sift through all the racks and find those unique pieces that you never thought you would find. Shopping at thrift stores supports slow fashion, and may slow down the fast-paced manufacturing when we use what we have already made. You can shop Ready-to-Wear designers and luxury brands that manufacture smaller scale production due to the craftsmanship, quality, and tailoring of the garment. Many RTW designers create less mass-produced fast paced fashion, where we will likely run into more unethical fashion production.

02 | Ethical Fashion Establishes Opportunities For Underdeveloped Countries
Many ethical businesses/organizations have artisanal programs and factories that create more opportunities for people living in underdeveloped countries. Many organizations and programs give workers access to educational programs that empower the individual. When we attain balance and achieve empowerment across the earth, we evolve.

03 | Unethical Business In The Fashion Industry Means A Deal With Abuse, Mistreatment, And Upfront Subtle Violence
When we wear clothing tainted by the exploitation of people, it shows. Like a natural health store that serves organic food with ethical standards vs. a drug store where all you can find is junk food, whichever we prefer or are dealt with determines our health. We need to take care of the planet. Whatever is being delivered through any business, whether it be healthy or unhealthy, it is a reflection of what we need to change as a collective.

04 | We Contribute To The Future Of Fashion
One major innovation for fashion tech will be tech fashion programs that allow consumers to navigate the supply chain. The future of fashion is transparency. Gaining insight from behind-the-scenes of manufacturing. How a garment is made, who made it, and where it was made. We will continue to see fashion tech be more useful with navigational tools and programs to look up a garment. This will create social awareness. Everyone loves to hear a story about the garment they wear. It’s ultimately the designer/brand’s responsibility to tell us. It takes time and research to source ethical fashion. Once we have more transparency within the fashion industry through fashion tech, it’ll be easier for the consumer.

05 | Ethical Fashion Is More Unique/More Creative
When we put more energy and concentration behind anything, there’s substantially more creative power. We feel supported when we support the works of ethical fashion because it’s a healthy solution for our earth. We may automatically choose to be more selective when we ethically recreate our wardrobes. When we take time to be aware of our garments, this positively affects how we look. Clothing is self expression. We are all made to be self-aware through our personal clothing this creates beauty. When we have to improvise, and be more creative with how we shop for clothing, we will make more intuitive fashion shopping selections. We may curate rather than collect clothing. This will make us feel beautiful, and our style will be much more cultivated than when we are making rash purchases. Making purposeful, conscious decisions is stylish.

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