NEW YORK CITY – May 4, 2013 – The Better Than A Cupcake Spring 2013 Fashion Show held at Alison Eighteen featured six emerging designers to support the mission of Bold Talent Aiding Charities and raising money to provide clothes for underprivileged children.

Better Than a Cupcake brought together New York City’s next generation of givers, entrepreneurs, designers, and career professionals. Get ready New York City! The next wave of talent is dedicated, driven by creativity, innovation, experience, and philanthropy. This idealism carried itself on the runway. With the help and vision of founder, Sydney Bellows, and her social enterprise, Better Than a Cupcake, the evening’s designers received their first chance to present their collections with the honorary purpose of giving back. Each *designer presented 5-7 looks to the beat of their own chosen sound, which brought perspective to their designs. Their designs represented varied cultural expressions, experimenting with shapes, fabrics, and colors. Each design was worn uniquely.  The talented designers entered the scene creating a new kind of fashion – one that demanded confidence and personality. As we all know, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. All of this was made possible with Better Than A Cupcake’s innovative idea of engaging new designers to participate, compete, and present their designs for charity twice a year.

Better than a Cupcake Founder, Sydney Bellows, is bringing to life the growing ideals of conscious capitalism. It’s not just about fashion, but it’s about what you can do with your fashion.

*The fashion show highlighted the designs from Mallory McCoy (Parsons New School of Design), Amy Dietz (Parson’s The New School of Design), Dan Natale (Parson’s The New School of Design), Christina Billi (Parson’s The New School of Design), Erica Kim (Parson’s The New School of Design), and Daisy Collado (Wood Tobe-Coburn).

The event was made possible by its sponsors: Baked by Melissa, Vita Coco, Freelybe, KIDS, Sydgan Corporation, The Academy Group, Hallak Cleaners, The Maher Law Firm, and Lifestyle + Charity Magazine.

About Better Than A Cupcake
Better Than A Cupcake showcases student fashion design collections in a personalized lookbook and hosts competitive NYC fashion shows to benefit charities. Founded by Sydney Bellows in November 2010, Better Than A Cupcake (BTAC) is an online platform for college students aspiring to be fashion designers in New York City. Their website showcases the designs and allows the designers to compete for a spot in the semi-annual BTAC fashion show that raises money to provide clothes for underprivileged children.

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Photos by: Fan Chen Photography and Daniel Sawyer Schaefer