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Megan Duenas is a Bay Area- based freelance writer and photographer in route to college this Fall at San Jose State University. Prior to graduating high school, she was involved in the Arts, especially in writing where she retained the position of Editor in Chief of the school newspaper. In Junior Year, Megan began her freelance career on the side concentrating on the musicians, organizations and creatives that impact not only the community, but the world. In the past year Megan widened her writing, reaching audiences like the creative community from Bunch Magazine, Anon Magazine and Popover to organizations and foundations including Make A Wish and InHerShoes Movement, where she was the first featured speaker to give advice to high school girls on pursuing their own passions when taking the courage to do so. Megan’s goals is to keep pursuing her dreams of writing and the freedom of expression while continuing her education and travelling. She urges many her age to ignore their age as a factor, take a risk, and put themselves out there if they have a goal in mind.
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Life lessons from a World-Traveling Cyclist
9 years ago

Life lessons from a World-Traveling Cyclist

As I scrolled through my Instagram feed while at Starbucks one morning, I came across a post by The Great Discontent quoting Jeff Veen in an interview, “ I am …
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