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Technology is fast and we may be trying to keep up with it at a speed that may not fit with our natural rhythm. In today’s modern world, we are amidst creating a balancing act of both natural and technological environments. While both technology and nature support our modern lifestyle, it’s always a plus to find efficient ways to cut down on time while keeping up with, for the sake of this topic, our wardrobes.

Here I give a breakdown of 7 wardrobe essentials that every conscious consumer could put into affect to help support and maintain their balanced, holistic lifestyle. Everyone can learn to break out their inner fashion stylist by adopting these techniques and tools for a smarter, hassle-free wardrobe. Get ahead with these modern day, eco fashion wardrobe boosting essentials. They will make your life smoother, healthier, and get your closet looking and feeling sharp.

01 | A Feng Shui Closet
Getting rid of clothing is easier said than done. It gets difficult to go through our wardrobe when things start to pile up. For conscious consumers, it’s worse. We may feel we haven’t worn it enough, it’s wasting, or we feel bad about an impulse purchase, etc. Recycling is a majorly reasonable excuse to ditch your excess clothing and serves as a huge conductor for eco living. The less things we hang on to, the more efficient and easy our life becomes. Any clothing that you haven’t worn in over a month, excluding seasonal items that you wear regularly or special occasion looks, I recommend bringing to your local second hand shop, or a clothing swap event. You can also sell on consignment or donate your clothing. Getting rid of it is the hardest yet most freeing. Not only will you feel less bogged down, it’ll make it so much easier for you to organize your clothing. Plus, it makes the clothing that you do wear more precious, and an earned spot in your wardrobe collection.

02 | Pre­planned Outfits
Do you have those mornings where you are running around and cannot think of what to wear, or what to put together? Maybe you are in a rush, half your laundry is in the dirty pile, or you haven’t figured out your mood for the day! There’s always an option of putting together 2­ to 3 outfits the night before. Creating a selection gives you the option to choose, and you don’t have to panic if you have to be somewhere. One trick is to take selfies of your outfit of the day, document your chosen outfits and start a fashion journal. A day when you are stuck or need inspiration you can look through your style archives.

03 | Natural Whitener and Laundry Booster
Borax is a salt of boric acid, a mineral that can be found at any major grocery or department store. Not only is it a laundry detergent booster it also helps brighten white clothes naturally. Bleach is a very toxic and corrosive chemical to use on clothing. Borax works as a substitute. Borax is very gentle to skin, and not abrasive to fibers.

04 | Natural Fabric Stain Remover
Finding a fabric stain remover that is natural is not always easy. There’s the Janie Stick. The branded stain remover Janie Stick is made of mixed clays. It’s 100% natural with no solvents. The best part of the Janie stick is that it removes grease stains, which are the worst and most challenging fabric stains to get rid of. How many clothes get tossed from grease stains only to find that they’ve never discovered the Janie Stick!

05 | Garment Steamer
The garment steamer is crucial for any career professional and ideal for every household. Not only does it take seconds to heat up, it’s effortless to remove wrinkles from clothing. Unless clothing is in bad shape and it needs to be pressed, for most of your wears a quick steam takes only minutes and they come out flawless.

06 | Preserve Clothes
For most people, having a seasonless closet is much easier than packing away clothes. There will be those garments that take a pause for the season, or that don’t seem to register for the current moment. Garment bags are an easy way to store your clothing. You can purchase generic garment bags or designer garment bags made with natural fibers like cotton and linen at select stores. Clothes that are stored in garment bags will have a longer life cycle.

07 | Visual Organization
It’s never easy to rummage through dresser drawers to find an outfit. Unless you have a walk-­in closet, lots of times clothing gets lost in bureaus or enclosed shelving. Things eventually get piled together. If you are visual person forget it, because it’s out of sight out of mind. It may lead to buying more clothing that we may not need because we can’t see the clothing we have. If there’s enough space in your closet, you can hang your wardrobe. Clear bins or exposed shelving also help. Clothing is much a part of our lives and interior designers have made exposed wardrobes current. Keeping a decorative dressing rack with shelving works and helps you be mindful of your collection. Look to retail stores and boutiques to get cool ways for clothing organization tips. It also can save you time.

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