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Modern day slavery, human trafficking, unfair working conditions and wages, these are all great offenses on one’s human rights. According to Equality Now, trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world. The International Labour Organization reports that women and girls make up 98% of victims for sexual exploitation. It’s hard to believe that some women live a nightmare the rest of us could never even imagine.

In the midst of this darkness that surrounds many women and girls in the world, there are glimmers of hope and possibility. PURPOSE Jewelry, a unique jewelry brand is using their platform to lift young women out of human trafficking through education and sustainable employment. Through their partnership with International Sanctuary, women who have never understood what being free means can now live in safety,  go to university, and experience their self-worth. The absolute beauty behind PURPOSE Jewelry is that you can save a life simply by purchasing a necklace, and what’s even more exciting is that you can become connected and part of the women’s story whose life you are changing.

We at Conscious stand behind such a mission as it inspires us to view this reality differently knowing there are steps we can take to uplift women into freedom. Below are three focused opportunities for us to practice as a united front that can help fight for the freedom of women around the world.

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We can’t turn the internet off, but we can be smart about how we use it. If we are going to start bringing to surface how women are not free, then we need to be aware of how we are using the Internet. Social media can be a good thing, but it can also be a distraction or a major time waster. Media sources can be informative, but they can also be full of sensationalism. How and where we are spending time online plays an enormous role in shaping perceptions and guiding the public conversation about human trafficking. To get in front of this issue, we need to act smarter. The U.S. Department of State has a resource on how to use media to be more informed about Human Trafficking.

Trafficking doesn’t just happen overseas; it is in places where you would never expect it, such as small towns across the United States. Use your voice to demand that the State Legislators tell us how they are working to end trafficking and how they are standing up for victims. In turn, you will be standing up for the women and children who cannot stand up for themselves.

Learn about the products you purchase by understanding where they come from and who made them. The Department of Labor provides an excellent resource: List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor. You can encourage companies to take part in this freedom movement by taking the necessary steps in preventing human trafficking at the root of their supply chains and also by publishing the information for conscientious consumers.

PURPOSE Jewelry’s example is certainly one to emulate as they believe every person deserves to live free, as reflected in the very fibers of their company and team. Their mission is to provide human rights for the many who have none. Currently, their social enterprise is providing hope for young women rescued from slavery by adopting all three freedom fighting methods listed above.purposejewelry-5 Through the art of jewelry making paired with holistic care, they are ensuring that every artisan receives freedom. They create an opportunity for their future; they use their voice to speak up for those who cannot, and they challenge the status quo of how we view victims, and what we are doing to not only rescue them but also prevent more from falling prey to human trafficking. Their program provides every artisan with the life skills and opportunities they need to succeed.

As we begin our shopping this Holiday Season, we at Conscious encourage consumers to be conscientious and purposeful when it comes to gift-giving. And with brands such as PURPOSE Jewelry, there is a lot of opportunities to shop consciously for gifts that are not unique but also will make a real difference for another person. Each piece offered by PURPOSE Jewelry is beautifully crafted by young women rescued from sex trafficking, and each piece purchased provides freedom, dignity, and hope for the female artisans. When you make a purchase with PURPOSE Jewelry, you are connecting directly with survivors in Mumbai, India, and Orange County, CA. From the creation of the jewelry to shipping, these young women are playing a critical role in every step of the process. They can earn a fair wage and gain employable skills for the future.

Wear Freedom. Wear PURPOSE. Shop the collection today!
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