Another Thanksgiving has arrived, which begs the obvious question: “What are you thankful for?”

Such a simple question with so many different answers. There is really no wrong answer, and it could be anything you hold dear in this world. At Conscious, we are extremely thankful for YOU! Why? Because you are taking the time to learn more and make a difference within our world.

On related note, this holiday is a great time to be reminded of simple things we enjoy and often take for granted, such as food, water, employment, our friends, our family, and countless other items that others might not have even though they seem commonplace to us.

Going beyond being thankful, I want to encourage you to turn your thankfulness into something more than just words. I feel that anyone can say “thank you” or “I’m thankful for…” during Thanksgiving, but what about being thankful every day? Also, what about exhibiting your thankfulness with actions of service?

There are always opportunities to be serving others on Thanksgiving, but I know we can all do more than that. The need to help others is year-round, and major holidays should just be the beginning of a lifetime of serving. I look around and see so many organizations taking this ‘lifetime’ stance, such as TangoTab providing meals, New York Cares serving the community, i’mME caring for orphans, and so many more.

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This year, let your Thanksgiving be full of words followed by action. Let it be the beginning of a journey towards helping others and igniting a social revolution of change. A revolution where we care more about others than ourselves. A change in everyone’s mindset to appreciate and love one another through acts of kindness and service towards others.

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