S E P T E M B E R  U P D A T E

It’s September, and we wanted to share a few Conscious happenings with you to keep you updated on what’s really going on behind what you see through our media outlets.

First, who are those amazing people behind the Conscious stories? We’re simply a community of individuals desiring to make a difference. While most of our team is based in NYC,  we also have team members slowly spreading across the United States too. No matter our physical location, we all  have the incredible opportunity to tell stories from around the world. The Conscious Team is a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, writers, creatives, photographers, students, and storytellers, who help produce the magazine and its web stories. Each member’s contribution and perspective help shape and define the magazine you see from us everyday.

All of this goes to show you what a community can do. We started out with an idea, took some time to grow that idea, had some ups and downs along the way, but we never gave up to achieve our goal of making a difference in today’s media. You know why? All of the people that support us, which includes our readers like you. So, we sincerely thank you. We thank the many men and women who have read our stories, emailed us ideas, tweeted us, engaged with us online or offline. We’re continuing to build and grow Conscious Magazine because of you.

Second, we made some changes within the magazine’s organizational structure. One of our Co-Founders, Elena Baxter, has now transitioned into a new role. Elena has become our Web Editor and is going to focus her time on producing our web stories. With this change, our other Co-Founder, Rachael Baxter, will have the chance to focus primarily on our upcoming print edition(s). We are just two months away from getting the magazine from our publisher to your homes. While on this subject, if you want to have our inaugural print edition, please join our current wait list. Limited copies will be available.

We also would like to introduce you to Garfield DeBarros, our new Director of Community. He wants to help us become more intentional about the relationships we build with our readers by hearing your ideas, interests, current projects, and more! He also wants to begin setting up small, in-person events with a group of 5-7 individuals in our community to just meet up and have a conversation, so stay on the look out for that. If you are interested in being a part of these events, then please sign up for our Community list by clicking here.

Finally, we recognize how our readers are world changers. With changing the world, you might be everywhere at any time, which is why we released our App in beta mode last month. We desire for our readers to remain motivated and inspired to make a difference and change the world wherever they are, which is why we felt it was imperative to go mobile. We’ll continue to fine tune our app, so we can continue to deliver conscious culture to everyone / everywhere. Get our stories on-the-go now by downloading our Conscious on iTunes and on GooglePlay.

With the ever changing world, we are continually working to improve and utilize resources available to improve our magazine. However, with all the changes within our magazine to improve, you can rest assured that our content, values, and desire to make a difference will never change. We will always be working to better ourselves, help others and transform the world into a conscious place.

Live Conscious,

Jon Lechliter
CEO of Conscious Magazine