Last week, Conscious attended and participated in She Summit’s “Host in the City” event created by  Jessica LaRotta and Kathiya Zelasco of Elite Styles Events. Over 50+ womenpreneurs gathered to celebrate entrepreneurship, connect, share, and takeaway summer entertaining trends and tips. In the spirit of celebrating female entrepreneurship, Elite Styles Events invited four entrepreneurs including Diana Seo of B Spa Bar, Melissa Gonzalez of Lionesque Style, Lauren Fritsch of The Coaching Collective, and myself, for Conscious Magazine. All four of us shared about our story, our businesses, what it means to be a female entrepreneur, and our personal entertaining tips.

She Summit Week, founded by Claudia Chan, is a venture of global pop-up events for womenpreneurs to celebrate leadership and our careers. As part of She Summit Week, women business owners are encouraged to host their own events parallel to their industries that not only engage participation, but offer ways to connect, share, learn, and yes, seek friendship.

The Host in the City event catered to women of today’s society who are interested in making hosting a little more fun, a little more creative, and a whole lot easier. What better way to showcase this then to pull in other enterpreneurs who are just as busy in their day-to-day and work lives. But, the ladies of Elite Style Events did not make it all about the decor, what to wear, and getting beauty ready, they introduced the conversation – what it means to be a female enterpreneur.

Here’s what the featured guests speakers had to say:

Diana Seo, Founder of B Spa Bar
Female Entrepreneurship is very important to me because it empowers women to go and do what they’re passionate about.  It’s very hard and terrifying to break out of the norm and follow a path of uncertainty but that is the beauty of it, to discover your vulnerabilities along the path to success.  Every accomplished person has failed numerous times before they succeeded.

Melissa Gonzalez, Founder of Lionesque Style
I believe following your passion is important. As women we have innate abilities to mutli-task and be mindful. The more we can be mindful of each other, support one another and great strategic collaborations, the stronger we will be.

Rachael Baxter, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Conscious Magazine (that’s me!)
When women can launch their ideas and passions, they create opportunity. The “opportunities” they create can have substantial impact in ways that are sometimes unimaginable and can even make a difference  right at home, in the local community, or across the world. There’s also the humbling side of entrepreneurship where women struggle in their hearts and can sometimes feel hopeless. When we allow this vulnerability to shine through, the bond between women only grows stronger, and the walls come down. Without those walls, we open new doors to explore collaborations, new ideas, and real honest friendship.

The ladies of the evening also presented tips for entertaining from beauty, fashion, conscious party ideas, and networking.

Beauty by Dian Seo
01 | Hydrate
02| Take a moment to chill by using B Mist, a soothing vata containg a blend of 1005 pure essential oils
03 | Pamper yourself once per week

Fashion by Melissa Gonzalez
01 | Wear short shorts under your short flowy summer dresses (incase the wind blows)
02 | Pick pieces that are chic yet comfortable
03 | Pack light to stay spontaneous (one of the reasons we love the One Dress). Use LSSummer for 20% off
04 |  Don’t be afraid of pops of color!
05 | Have fun! Laugther and dancing is a best bet for eternal youthfulness. Here’s a little playlist.

Conscious Hosting to Planning by Rachael Baxter
01 | Make it Matter. Turn your party into a benefit dinner. Ask you guests to donate a few dollars to the evening’s chosen cause.
02 | Serve up good. Style your event with tableware and decor that are sustainable, USA made, and stylish with SustyParty.com
03 | As a host, wear something made by an eco-friendly or give back designer so you can represent not only your style, but your values and passions too

Networking by Lauren Fritsch
01 | Have a meaningful exchange – ask her what she’s up to excited about
02 | If you forget name it’s okay ask again.
03 | In a conversation, we sometimes just thinking about our next statement so we can follow-up, but sometimes this causes us not listen. Instead, interact by getting really curious and ask questions.

About Elite Styles Events
Elite Styles Events is an event planning and design company based in New York City run by Jessica La-Rotta and Kathiya Zelasco. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, they have been able to orchestrate successful events for their clients most important moments of their lives. 

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