Humanity is humanity, and we want to start conversations that respect all individuals, as well as unite them.

Core to our mission–empowering people everywhere to change the conversation, as founders, we were asked the question by Coclico  how does community impact changing the conversation. To us, it has everything to do with it. Even recently, we launched a collaboration with the HYROX community, as we have grown to learn the importance and beauty of community.

In the words of Elena Baxter, co-founder of Conscious Magazine and founder of Who They Are,

“There is something special about coming alongside people that share a passion with you. It’s been a unique season for the global landscape. There has been a lot of division, a lot of negativity, and certainly, a lot of brokenness. This narrative seems to be growing at warped speed and fueled by our current media state. However, we believe that people want more and that they deserve more. We want to seek those people out and join forces with them. We want to unify to build a narrative that respects one another no matter where you come from, what you believe in or who you voted for.”

Something to think about as you move into this new week. Who is your community–from work, family to friends, how are your passions aligned, and how you creating together. Let’s have some fun, post your tribe below so we can say hello!