Thank you for inspiring all of us at Conscious Magazine to share stories that are real and meaningful, breathing life and light into all that we do.

As the holiday is upon us, we wanted to take a moment to thank our readership community by sharing a few words that we believe are the cornerstone of all that you set to achieve and accomplish.

Discovery. Purpose. Mission. Gratitude.

As a collective of writers and creators, who pays attention to other’s stories, we are intrigued by your discovery, the purpose you’ve applied to your life, the mission you’re building, and with every ounce that you have left, the gratitude that keeps you going.

As a media platform, driven by a mission to empower and educate through storytelling, we want to truly thank you because it was your confidence and support that we continued to give our all, stay focused on the mission, pushed through the ups and downs while doing it with the understanding that we’re committed to something bigger than ourselves—and we’re grateful to keep going.

From our team to you, have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!