01 | MAKE IT MATTER:  Support your local nonprofit or favorite cause by turning your party into a giving event with an organization like Eat for Equity.

02 | WEAR CONSCIOUS: As a host, show up to your party wearing an eco-friendly designer that not only shows off your style, but your values and passions too.

03 | BE A CONNECTOR: Know your guests. As a host it is important to engage your guests and find creative ways to connect everyone beyond small talk.

04 | BE SOCIAL: Social Impact that is. Stock your bar with wines with a social mission. Not only is it for a good cause but its a fun conversation starter

05 | GIVE BACK: Organize to have leftover food donated to a shelter. This may take a little more effort but the impact is HUGE

06 | SIP-FRIENDLY: Really impress your friends by serving your cocktails in super innovative and edible cups by Loliware

07 | SERVE-UP GOOD: For all of your party needs head over to for sustainable and USA Made decor and tableware.

08 | STAY LOCAL: Reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing local FLOWERS that don’t require long distance shipping

09 | SAVE PAPER: Opt in for electronic or eco-friendly card options for Invitations and Thank You’s

10 | THINK FRESH: Challenge yourself to create a menu based on seasonal ingredients from your local farmer’s market.