If you're going to be attached to something, be attached to a mission, a calling, and a purpose.

Photo by Andrey Khakhalov

What attachments do you have?

With the global pandemic, we are experiencing change in some capacity. Whether it is a change in a surprising, scary way or even change in a good way. But despite it all, I’m sure on many occasions, you’ve said to yourself–I am grateful, even during these difficult times, but I want my life back.

Let’s talk about it.

I’m sure we all are wishing for things to go back to the way they were, as I’m sure others are curious about what’s beyond this silver lining. To address the former–what is it you want to go back to? Think about this–is it some form of attachment? If so, what are you attached to? Is it a person, a job, a project, a place, or a number in your bank account?

To free you from all of this (and here’s the best thing I heard all week) if you’re going to be attached to something–be attached to a mission, a calling, and a purpose.

We’re here to encourage you! With the new week ahead, dive into your purpose, stay focused on your calling and work towards fulfilling your mission.

–Rachael and Team C.

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