Meet Anthony Dodero, Co-Founder and executive director of the non-profit The Blind Project, an organization focused on building restorative and economic solutions for women in the commercial sex trade.

Anthony, what inspired you to found The Blind Project?
Five years ago after living in New York pursuing a job in advertising I realized that there was power in leveraging my creative skills in a new way. It didn’t seem profound at the time, but little did I know that the restlessness I was experiencing would give my life a new trajectory. A simple act of faith lead my roommates and myself to quit our jobs and travel to South East Asia on a path that would eventually lead us to a dark and dingy brothel outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia and face to face with a 11 year old Vietnamese girl whom were going to save. We will never know her name.

That eleven year old girl has been the rallying call that has attracted the collective of individuals to start the organization called The Blind Project. Our organization now seeks to restore and empower survivors of the sex trade through employment and on the job training in our screen printing facility located in Bangkok, Thailand dubbed Biographe Lab.

We continue to engage creativity in looking for ways to innovate how we talk about the issue here domestically.

About The Blind Project

The Blind Project is a collective of passionate individuals uniting together, leveraging their unique talents to empower victims and survivors of the commercial sex trade in Southeast Asia.

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