With the launch of Conscious Magazine happening only 9 months ago, we have been able to witness a revolution within our world. This revolution might not be widespread yet, but it is well on its way to becoming a worldwide phenomenon. This revolution is summarized by a simple fact: people want to make a difference. Despite all the labeling and generalizations made about individuals being selfish, narcissistic, or indifferent, there are world-changers among us. These world-changers are starting a growing movement, which is why we exist: to share these moments of good, inspiration, and triumph with you.

In this year alone, we’ve launched our inaugural print issue, mobile app, and interactive digital issue (iPad and Kindle) featuring inspiring stories within New York City and other cities around the globe. With our global and local focus, we have drawn readers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and more. This year would never have been what it is without our readers, and we humbly express our appreciation for you.

We had the incredible opportunity to partner with organizations to build community, which will continue to grow in the upcoming year (and many years to come). With our partnerships, we’ve been able to tell stories that inspire, provide awareness, drive change, and provide a platform that connects our community to real-time conversations (both online and in person). We met so many wonderful friends along the way, and we are so grateful to have received their support. Consistently, we are inspired by our peers, our partners, and our readers.

Looking back on 2013, we have learned that there is a desire within our world to be someone that leaves a legacy of making a difference in our world. We share this desire, and we want to help inspire you to witness the difference other people are making, as you choose to join the conversation by helping others. We are overflowing with joy at the endless possibilities ahead, which is why the upcoming year will continue to be filled with more stories and more opportunity to get involved with the Conscious Community.  Together, we can grow to help shape the lives of those around us through the power of words and knowledge. 

Here’s to a beautiful end of 2013 and the excitement of new beginnings in 2014! We look forward to sharing stories and building community with you in the New Year!

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Live Conscious,
Jon Lechliter
CEO / Publisher, Conscious Magazine