With every season comes a plethora of cool things to do. With Summer ahead (and being headquartered in New York City with easy access to Brooklyn and Queens), we at Conscious Magazine are turning up the volume when it comes to all things conscious culture in our neighborhood, and we’re doing so with the help of Alden Wicker, Founder and Editor in Chief of EcoCult. Alden Wicker is the go-to for all things cool, sustainable, and eco-friendly living in New York City and beyond.

Alden is all about experience, and she believes “the human experience is more authentic when it’s green”. We agree, which is why we are officially excited to introduce you to Alden and her soon-to-be launched column here on What to expect? Her loves – anything local, sustainable, eco-friendly, and handmade. After you read why she is so inspiring, get connected with her over on EcoCult by subscribing to her newsletter to see what she discovers daily.

Hello Alden!

Q | Tell us about EcoCult? EcoCult is a blog about all things sustainable in New York City. It covers sustainable fashion, non-toxic beauty, local and organic food, and authentic events around the city and beyond. It’s basically a how-to guide on living the sustainable life in a way that is beautiful and fun.

Q | What inspired you to launch EcoCult? I’ve been a writer and avid consumer of all the information about sustainability for some time. But I felt like there was a hole in the space. There are tons of fashion bloggers posting about glittery, expensive things, or glittery, cheap things, and plenty of home design bloggers, and food bloggers. But nobody was doing ethical living in an aspirational way. It was all moms and anti-consumerism. Which is great, to a point. But I felt like if we are going to convince more people to join the cause, we need to show case how awesome sustainable living can be. Hence: nice photos, good restaurants, beautiful fashion, effective beauty and skincare, etc.

Q | What are 5 things your readers love about EcoCult? The first thing is my voice. That’s what I hear the most–that it’s fresh and friendly and a little edgy. I try to keep things cool and downtown, instead of holier-than-thou. Other things: the pictures, the nice design, the honesty, and the amount of content I put out.

Q | What are some things you learned about launching a media / community platform about all things Eco-Friendly and tips you can provide for our readers who may want to follow suit? Launching this site has confirmed for me how important appearances are. If you want to engage people, you need good design and good pictures. I’m always working on improving that, because I’ve gotten my foot in so many doors after someone popped over to my site and liked the way it looked.

Q | Any cool projects coming up for EcoCult? I’m in the process of forming a dream team of ethical bloggers. We’re going to take the city by storm! (Or at least crash every sustainable party worth going to.)

Q | What makes collaborating with a monthly editorial column with Conscious Magazine unique for you? It’s really rare to find a publication that puts ethics first, so I’m honored to be included as a columnist. I hope I can reach more similarly minded women in the city!

Be on the look out for her monthly column this June! Photo courtesy of EcoCult

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