Craving a platform where they could tell the inspiring stories of true agents of change, and in doing so elevate the conscious culture conversation, sisters, Rachael Baxter and Elena Baxter co-founded Conscious Magazine. Together, they develop stories featuring social entrepreneurs, community development, local to global initiatives, and more, and are constantly striving to capture the zeitgeist of the ever-evolving conscious culture movement. Their involvement has also provided the opportunity to interview leaders from around the world to mentoring young leaders. Watching Conscious Magazine grow from a vision into a global destination for curated conscious culture has been what they call “both a thrilling and fulfilling experience”.

Conscious has also been a journey of reflection and growth for both Rachael and Elena. Throughout their lives, they heard time and again how beautiful, thin, and popular they needed to be from blaring headlines found on many magazine covers to Hollywood. Media had depicted the ideal woman based on her physical attributes, however, as agents of change, Rachael and Elena have made it their calling to feature men and women for their passion and dedication to humanity. The mission of Conscious started with a personal desire to change the conversation and become an outlet and alternative source to lower the volume of sensational media and raise the volume of inspirational media. Through Conscious, they desire to be a source of truth and encouragement to all people. As second-generation female entrepreneurs, their major source of inspiration has been their mother who taught them to pursue their dreams and to always help others. Because they were fortunate to have strong female influences in their corner, they hope to also empower women and men to lend their intelligence, creativity, ability and voice to influence the world.

Today, the founders of Conscious Magazine invite you to embark on this journey and join the conscious community that is eager to change the conversation, and ultimately, the world.