For February’s Eating Disorder Awareness Month, we will engage this topic to raise awareness, to encourage solutions, and to inspire others to get involved in this fight to help men and women live a life free of their eating disorder.

Join Us
When: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 @ 8 PM EST
Tweet with: @cmagazine and #ConsciousConvo

Proposed Questions
– Is the disease being taken seriously
– Are we doing enough to help people with Eating Disorders
– What role does the media play?
– What role do parents play?
– Having the highest mortality rate of any identified mental illness – can it be cured?
– Are we doing enough to help males suffering from the disease

What To Expect
– For the duration of the discussion, we will start with ask one question at a time
– The questions start with “Q1” “Q2″… We will pose a new question every 10-15 mins.
– To properly respond, use “A1:” and then add your answer, thought, etc.
– Feel free to mention other colleagues and friends to join the conversation.

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Conscious Magazine is not an expert on this matter. We have invited a few key partners to join the conversation to offer insight on the issue. The tweetup is meant to evoke conversation that may bring awareness to the topic, as well as, invite others to share their questions and concerns

Photo by Jesse and Jesi Photography