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Marketing Internship (3 Months)
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Editorial Internship (3 Months)
Internship has been fulfilled for Spring 2019. Please apply for Summer 2019
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What does it mean to be on Team C? We are 100% passionate about telling inspiring stories. We are committed to helping our community and becoming an advocate for causes around the world. We are a startup media company in New York City and we work remotely most of the week. We care about honesty, commitment, diligence, humility, respect, integrity, compassion, and supporting one another.

We value aesthetics and design, and we have a romance with creativity and big ideas. We are a team that feels like a family. We are a team who accepts that we are a work in progress, and yet, we are always trying to improve our skills. So, are we perfect? Nope. But, we are a passionate and authentic crew dedicated to becoming a force for good with a vision to make a difference in the world.